This website was set up in July 2011 for the Save Our Stanley ad-hoc group. Our mission was to put a halt to the plan to build an event center in front of the Stanley Dollar clubhouse in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California.

Sadly, after months of opposition to the plan from the majority of the residents, on March 29th, 2012, seven members out of the nine on the GRF Board voted to proceed with the building at a cost of over $12million. Construction will begin with non-union labor (expect picketing) in June 2012 and take one very disruptive year to complete.

This website will stay active as a testament to the fight waged by residents, and as a record of their many objections to this project. I will post updates on occasion if they are newsworthy.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Save Our Stanley group. Please contact the SOS Club for information on any possible future action against the construction and design.